Academic Interpretation & Data Evaluation System (AIDE)

The ADS Academic Interpretation & Data Evaluation System (AIDE) empowers instructional staff and leadership with the data necessary to diagnose instructional and curriculum issues and establish methodologies to increase student achievement.  Unlike most student diagnostic systems, the program does not assume only academic deficiencies on the part of the student.  The AIDE program provides analysis at the student, subject, curriculum, teacher and school levels in a standalone fashion or in relation to standardized testing.  Data presentation is prescriptive, descriptive and predictive.  There are four versions of the program designed to adapt to the organizational structure of a school system;

  • A school version designed to provide school leadership with the data needed to improve teacher performance and increase student achievement.  

  • A regional version to provide school by school comparisons.  

  • A school type version (high, middle and elementary) to provide district curriculum staff managerial analysis of curriculum

  • A district version to provide overall analysis of district performance.

AIDE Organization

AIDE Special Features